When Is It Time To Replace Your External Cladding?

Is your house due for a re-cladding? Countless homes across New South Wales are covered in external cladding that’s damaged, faulty, poorly-installed or just plain ugly. Often, they remain in this state because the property’s owners simply don’t know when it’s time to replace them with better, more durable cladding. To help you with this, here are a few telltale signs that’ll help you figure out if it’s time to call a professional.

Bad Insulation

Part of the job of external cladding is to help with the insulation of your house. When the weather is hot, your house’s cooling system kicks in, providing cool air for all inside. Good insulation keeps that cool air in, making it easier for your air conditioner to regulate the temperature. But if your house isn’t well-insulated, you’ll be letting the cool air out and the warm air right back in. This makes it much harder for your cooling system to cool you off, leading to high energy bills. If you notice your energy bills rising suspiciously, it may be time for some new cladding.

Rot and Mold

If you see traces of mold or rot in your cladding, it means you’re already taking water damage. Even worse, mold and rot can quickly spread to become an internal problem in your house. When this spread happens, it weakens the structure of your house. If you don’t have Palliside cladding, it’s a good idea to check your external cladding for rot and mold often. It may be unsightly now, but damage to the structure of your house could be catastrophic later, putting you at risk of water damage, hail damage, fire damage and more!

Bad Aesthetics

Let’s face it: A house’s looks are important. Often, you can tell the condition of a house’s cladding just by looking at how nice the house appears to be. From time to time, take a walk around your house and notice how it looks. Is the house’s coloration cracked and fading? Is the cladding damaged or warping? You’ll also want to look for visible cracks, or an old and run down look, as if it’s in frequent need of painting.

If you find yourself in need of new cladding, Peter Bracey suggests Paliside cladding! This cladding is durable and rugged, so it’ll stay insulated, won’t rot, and will look amazing for years to come! If this sounds like the perfect cladding to you, give Peter Bracey a call and learn more about getting your house’s first line of defense replaced!