Colorbond Cladding for Homes

The Australian climate has always presented homebuilders with various and unique problems that require both ingenuity and imagination to solve. Fortunately, we have both of those qualities in spades and can help people with whatever issues they may encounter with their homes and businesses. One such innovation that we are trying to raise awareness about is Palliside cladding and its advantages over other similar solutions such as Colorbond Cladding.

The first agenda that any decent cladding solution should address is insulation. There are very few in-betweens when it comes to the weather in Australia; it’s either extreme heat in the summer or biting cold in the winter. Homeowners require walls that can effectively protect them from both phenomena, and do so for years without the need for constant maintenance or repair of any kind.

Made For Australia

The reason why Palliside is so effective against the harsh conditions of the Australian weather is that it was practically made for the environment. This wall material is a type of weatherboard that designers engineered and manufactured in the country for the last thirty-five years.
In fact, the material is part of the select few that’s been proven to succeed even in the harshest conditions of the bush. This is because the material doesn’t support combustion, making them the perfect solutions for areas prone to fires; as a result, Palliside is the main choice for reconstructing homes in the bush fire ravaged areas in Victoria.

Palliside can also protect homeowners from invisible threats to the health and safety of their families; one example of such dangers is UV radiation. This is because of the material’s cellular foam construction along with its 7mm thickness provides strength, stability, and protection from everything and anything the sun can throw at a house.

Aesthetics Matter

Insulation and protection against whatever extreme dangers nature can possibly threaten a home and the family living in it is a great thing to have. But, these are things that people can only appreciate after years of having no problems with heat, cold, or noisy neighbours. Homeowners need an advantage that they can immediately value and test at the soonest possible time. Fortunately, Palliside doesn’t disappoint in this area either as it has one of the durable aesthetic properties in the entire construction industry. Unlike other solutions such as Colorbond cladding, Palliside doesn’t fade over time because it’s not an oven-baked, painted finish. It has a unique, dual-extrusion process with a top coat made of the most highly UV-resistant materials invented, to withstand our harsh climate.

Looks That Last

If a home or business uses Palliside they can rest assured that they have a material that doesn’t just have the look and charm of quality weatherboards, but the visual aesthetics that last for years without cost of repair or maintenance. There’s no need to paint Palliside cladding either, since it already has a solid coat of colour all throughout and it’s unique UV top coat as mentioned previously, leaving homeowners with one less strenuous activity to worry about in trying to make their house look like a home. All they need to do is choose a colour that they love, and enjoy it for the next few decades with little more than a wash-down to remove any surface grime.


Peter Bracey makes these tired old Colorbond cladded Sydney houses new again!

Unlike Colorbond house cladding, Palliside will not warp or sustain hail damaged it has a 25 year Australian manufactures guarantee.