Non-Flammable Palliside Cladding Renovation in Sutherland Shire

Certain areas of the Sutherland shire are prone to bush fire and as a result Palliside which does not support combustion was specified!

The original house


The home was built in the 1960s and structurally was in good repair, the frames were hardwood. The concrete tile roof was in need of a restoration to make it water proof again.Rainwater system was original and had rusted out. Windows and facias were rotting, the fibro walls and eaves were broken and cracked. The awning at the front of the home was dilapidated and in need of renewal.

The owner’s requirements

“ We want a new home at the old address as we are near retirement age and do not want any more maintenance.”

Peter Bracey, who holds a full builders license and his tradesmen did what they have done to thousands of homes in the Sydney metro area.

The Renovation that Peter Bracey and his team pulled out of their hats!


  • The roof restoration entailed, replacing broken tiles and ridge capping, cleaning the tiles, applying a sealer, two coats of roof membrane and finally re-bedding the ridges and top pointing. Pointing after the coloured membrane is applied gives the impression of a new roof.
  • The gutters and downpipes were renewed in Lysaughts colorbond.
  • The rotted timber fascia boards had the rot cut out and Lysaughts colorbond facias fitted.
  • The fibro eaves were encased with icon eave sheeting, which never has to be painted.
  • Fibro walls were cladded in NON-FLAMMABLE Palliside weatherboards
  • The windows renewed, laminated glass (for insulation and security), fly screens, window locks (key to like) and finally primed reveals and architrave fitted inside.
  • The awning was replaced with a Lysaughts colorbond flat-deck roof to match the new eave sheeting.
  • Site cleaned.


New home and no more painting and a massive increase in the value of their biggest investment! 

The renovation took two weeks and the clients did not have to move out during the job!

Please play the video to the right to see the incredible difference before and after the renovation, or click on the images below to enlarge them.