House cladding renovation to weatherboard home — Northern Beaches of Sydney

The original house

The original house


The home was an investment property that had been divided into 2 flats.

Weatherboard home built in the early 1950’s, an extension with a flat clip lock roof was added in the 80’s. Some aluminium windows, gutter, metal facias, eliminate and an awning was added to the front patio and carports of timber and metal were added piece meal at later dates.

The owner’s brief!

Renew and modernise the 2 flats,so we can get a better class of tenant, higher rent and increase the value of the property,while eliminating the need for maintenance!

The Renovation Peter Bracey and team accomplished!

House cladding renovation to weatherboard home

  • The roof was an imported Indian sun dried terracotta tile and when we cleaned it we discovered the dirt had permeated the surface of the tiles as they were porous.
    We now have a roof membrane product that Nutech coatings manufacture that successfully coats terracotta and has a 10 year warranty. Broken tiles were replaced, the roof was cleaned ,a terracotta sealer was applied, followed by 2 coats of Nutech 2000 roof membrane and then the ridges bedded where necessary and pointed. The roof is now better then the original!
  • The clip-lock roof at the rear was rusted out and the rear flat was leaking. We stripped the old roof replaced the battens, insulated the roof with a foil insulation blanket, and then fitted the new Lysaught Trimdeck colorbond roof!
  • When we went to renew the gutters and facias we found dry rot in the timber facias, they were replaced and rot cut out where it was structural and Lysaught colobond gutters, facia and downpipes installed.Note: The new gutter is slotted at the front, so water cannot run down the back and rot the timber facias and fill the eaves as had happened with the 80’s renovation.
  • The eaves were replace with Icon Hampton eave sheet (no painting required ever).
  • The weatherboards were rotted in several areas ( rot is caused by the moisture content of timber exceeding 27%,this causes a fungus to develop rotting the timber from the inside out! Once the moisture is eliminated the fungus dies and will not spread), again any studs or boards that were structural were replaced. We then installed Australian made Palliside weatherboards which are cyclone C rated,no moisture penetration is possible, due to the patented interlocking system. Palliside has a unique uv coating which eliminates the need for painting, forever! 
  • The windows were a hoch potch and so as you will see from the after photos of each wall we re designed the windows to take advantage of the sea view (adding 100’s of thousands to the value of the property). Bracey architectural windows all come with fly screens,security locks (key to like), and laminated security glass which eliminates uv, insulates against heat and cold and eliminates noise ( this property was on the main road and road noise was a problem that we eliminated ). Note the exterior architraves, which eliminates “the hole in the wall” look of normal aluminium windows.
  • We installed a new Lysaught flat deck awning from the facia of the front veranda, giving a larger under cover area, the flat deck is the same profile as the Icon eave board ,so all match!
  • The carports were falling down and dangerous. One large carport with no posts in the center was installed from the facia. Because the power lines were touching the original carports we installed a power pole on the property and a bracket on the roof to lift the wires, problem solved!
  • Finally the site was cleaned of all rubbish.

Three (3) weeks in total from start to completion with miniminal inconvenience to the tenants, who did not have to vacate while the renovation was in progress, no loss of rent to the owner!
100’s of thousands in value added to the property!

Fixed price contract

The renovation was a fixed price contract, no hidden extra charges!

Please play the video to the right to see the incredible difference before and after the renovation, or click on the images below to enlarge them.