Renovation Design And Build Consultation

  • Once you contact Peter he will make an appointment with you and your partner (if you’re both there, we can design to suit you both , and it saves time and $).
  • Peter will arrive on time, on the RIGHT DAY.
  • After satisfying you with all his relevant licence details, Peter will provide you with a list of the last 200 renovations he’s completed, to enable you to speak with our clients personally about their new renovation and experience.
  • Peter will then listen to your particular ideas & what you want from your renovation and then proceed to advise you of the best and most economical way of achieving that beautiful home you both desire.
  • Peter will then cost the renovations and give you a FIXED price, then and there (no waiting).
  • On acceptance, Peter will draw up a contract detailing the job specifications at that fixed price and provide you with the Home Owners Warranty (HOW) insurance certificate (complying with the NSW Govt Home Building Act 1989). Briefly, this protects your money during the period of construction and guarantees the workmanship for seven years (under the Act’s latent defect clause).
  • Peter will give you an approximate start date for the wall cladding renovations. Close to the start date materials will start arriving onsite, which our tradesman will unload and store safely. The day before starting your renovation our foreman will ring you. Most jobs are completed within 14-28 days, possible because he specialises in only this type of renovation now and his tradesmen will be exclusively on YOUR job every working day (weather of course permitting) until completion and your home cleared of all building rubbish.


Some clients ask for an estimate over the phone. With building work you can’t guess! You can be over/under by $1000’s. The job site and existing home must be inspected,
quite simply, it depends on what you decide to do. The wall cladding renovation you decide on, after you consult with Peter and get his ideas and blend them with you own, might be different to what you originally envisaged. With building work you just can’t guess! Peter will give you a fixed price cost then and there, no waiting for quotes that never come.


As you are aware from our NAB bank reference. We have had NAB bank finance available since 1980 and we can tailor finance from other financial institutions to your specific needs just ask!


  • Depending on the cost in compliance with HOW, a deposit is paid … ten per cent for $20,000
  • First progress payment of half the balance upon delivery of materials and commencement of the wall cladding renovation.
  • Second half and final payment made to our foreman on completion of your renovation.


Warranties & After Sales Service

  • After final payment Lesley will remit a receipt and all relevant warranties (Icon )
  • If in the unlikely event you require a service call, please ring Peter 24/7 and it will be attended to within 48 hours
  • After a period of your choosing, we ask our clients to send us an honest assessment of their experience and permission to include your names on our list of referees