House Cladding Renovation Project – St Marys, Sydney

Below is an example of a House Cladding Renovation project recently completed by Peter Bracey.

The original house

House Cladding Renovation Project - st mary's original house

It is obvious from the start photos of this house prior to the makeover, that the home which was built in the 1930s had not had any maintenance. With the exception of new Colorbond gutters, no other repairs had been performed on it for many years and the home was very dilapidated and a complete make over was required to save it from demolition.

The owner’s requirements

  • The owners approached Peter Bracey, asking him to perform a miracle and give them back a new home mirroring the original with some additional features.
  • The roof was  still the original galvanised Iron which had rusted out in many sections and the screws holding the roof down had come away from the battens, which were also fretted and in need of replacement.
  • The barge boards and facia boards had not had a coat of paint for donkey’s years as had the walls of the home and the eaves were falling down.
  • The old timber windows had dry rot, the sash cords were broken, the putty holding the glass in the sashes was none-existent and they had been painted shut.
  • The awnings and carport had seen better days and were leaking.

The miracle was performed!

Home cladding and Colorbond Roof Renovation - St Marys, Sydney

  • The old roof was stripped, new battens were fixed to the rafters, a 50mm foil insulation blanket was then applied to the battens and finally a new mountain blue Colorbond roof with matching valleys and barge cappings fitted.
  • The barge boards, facia and facia boards were then covered in white colorbond as a highlight.
  • The fibro eaves had white Icon eave sheet applied over them.
  • The old timber windows were removed and White, tailor-made Bracey replacement aluminium windows with a built-in external architrave, laminated insulating security glass (no more condensation on the windows in winter or burglars) with security locks (key to like) were installed along with new dressed maple internal reveals and colonial architraves.
  • A sliding door replaced the old back door to give access to the new Colorbond patio roof cover on the rear.
  • The old carport was demolished and a white Colorbond one with a wrap around front verandah roof installed and mountain blue gutters.
  • This House Cladding Renovation was completed with the old fibro and weatherboards cladded in Australian made Palliside UV coated weatherboards, which will not warp, fade or powder and because of their cellular core, inbuilt insulation.

Increased value and no maintenance

Because all the materials used to renovate this house are Australian made and engineered for our climate this home will look as it does now for another 60 years! With the only maintenance in the future, a wash with $100 pressure gun. Plus the added benefit of fully insulated, roof walls and windows.

The added value to the home I will leave it up to you to guess !
A new home with its original character at a fraction of the cost of a knock down/rebuild.

Please play the video to the right to see the incredible difference before and after the renovation, or click on the images below to enlarge them.