Fibro Cladding

Fibro Cladding is the common name for bonded fibros cement sheeting, which was used in the home construction industry post WW2, after the second world war there was a lack of building materials in Australia and James Hardie marketed a cheap easily fixed wall cladding and roofing sheeting known as fibro. Unfortunately it contained asbestos, which proved to be dangerous when it was in a friable state, when the bonded strains were exposed when the sheeting was broken.

Fibro in itself is not dangerous, but when working with it one must follow the guide lines set down by Work Cover and also spray any exposed edges with PVA glue to keep the asbestos in a bonded state.
If your home was constructed with fibro sheeting and roofing it contained asbestos till the 1980’s and asbestos in all its forms was banned in Australia in 2003!

Fibro Cladding vs Palliside Cladding – Instantly improve the look and value of your home.

Cladding over fibro home in sydney

Many home owners with fibro homes wanted to dress them up, hence the birth of the recladding industry in the 1960’s. Aluminium, vinyl, imitation brick, celuform and Palliside cladding have been used in these makeovers, with varying degrees of success, only Australian made and engineered Palliside has stood the test of time! Recently with all the publicity regarding the health hazard asbestos poses, many home owners are considering how they should tackle this problem.

Some are opting to cladding over fibro, or remove the fibro, insulating the walls, sarking and then recladding with Palliside. Note, as mentioned earlier in this article fibro is only dangerous when it is in a friable state. A least expensive solution is to encase the fibro in Palliside wall cladding.

Fibro homes are being recladded and encased in Palliside weatherboards! It is a great way to give your home a modern, appealing facelift.

It provides a fast and cost-effective way to immediately improve the look and value of your home. It gives a high-quality painted timber appearance, but is actually an incredibly durable UPVC panelling that outlasts and outshines wood.

It can transform your home with a bright, modern, timber-clad look that’s more appealing to you and prospective buyers of your property.

We understand how much aesthetic appeal is important for every owner. We know that your home is the one place you return to every day where you can feel secure, comfortable and truly relaxed.

Peter Bracey has worked for the last 47 years to provide his customers with the best exterior cladding solutions to make homes look new again and keep them looking new for years to come with minimal maintenance.

The exterior of a house has a massive impact on its overall appearance, and value when it comes to selling. Your home is the greatest investment you will make in your life, so it pays in many ways to make your house look new and modern and keep it that way.

Palliside Cladding Services from Peter Bracey

Fed up with your house looking old? Our weatherboards offer much more than just great looks and weather protection, with other benefits such as:

  • Cost-saving: Investing in exterior cladding panels will save you money in the long run, they are more durable, reliable and cheaper to install and maintain than painted timber
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Our weatherboards offers great insulation in either hot or cold temperatures, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption
  • Aesthetic appeal: Wall cladding looks clean and modern, and will improve the overall appearance of your home
  • It has excellent sound-absorbing properties to help sound-proof your home
  • The final result will increase the value of your home.
  • Maintenance Free: Palliside features a UV top coating. No other cladding has this UV filter.

Resistant to the Effects of Extreme Weather and Ageing

Sydney’s weather is not favourable to most construction materials, and after years of standing up against all kinds of weather conditions from extreme heat to freezing cold, storm and hail, even the strongest walls will eventually wear and tear. Our cladding materials are designed to withstand such weather conditions and have a much longer life expectancy than regular materials. Proof of that is with their incredible 25-year guarantee.

Why Trust Us?

Peter Bracey has worked with over 5,000 happy homeowners in Sydney and can advise you on the best way to make your home look better and be more energy-efficient in a cost-effective manner. With our expertise and great exterior wall cladding ideas, we can come up with the ideal solution for your home.

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Palliside cladding being applied. Compare the state of the old walls (top half) to the new cladding below. See some of our Fibro House Renovations below.


The fibro eaves can also be encased with Icon eave sheeting which has the appearance of v-jointed timber, is structural and never needs painting. Icon eave sheeting is also used to cover fibro veranda ceilings, as you can see from the following photos of differing uses.


A beautiful result – Palliside cladded wall and eaves.

Look at a Fibro house makeover. An old fibro house with new Palliside cladding can look like a completely new home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fibro:

Here are the answers we get to the most commonly-asked questions about Fibro:-

External fibro walls can look pretty dated – or even ugly. Palliside cladding is a great way to give your home a complete makeover.

Fibro contains asbestos, which is hazardous to health if the fibres are breathed in. As you can imagine, it limits your options when it comes to renovation, and they must only be removed by an asbestos removal specialist.

Fibro contains asbestos, which is hazardous to health if the fibres are breathed in. As you can imagine, it limits your options when it comes to renovation, and they must only be removed by an asbestos removal specialist.

Fibro contained asbestos until the 1980’s. If your home was constructed with fibro sheeting and roofing before then, it is likely your fibro contains asbestos. Asbestos in all its forms for construction was banned in Australia in 2003. If in any doubt, call us to arrange an inspection.

Our Palliside Cladding is applied without damaging or disrupting the fibro panels. It encases the walls of your house with a strong, weather-resistant UPVC shell that resembles painted timber. Not only does it hide the ugly fibro panels, it improves insulation (heat and sound) and transforms an aging house into modern beauty.

Yes. As stated above some people are opting to remove the fibro, insulating the walls, sarking and then recladding with Palliside. Fibro is only dangerous when it is in a friable state. The least expensive solution is to encase the fibro in Palliside wall cladding.

You may be one of the thousands of people in Australia that are residing in a fibro clad home. If so, you are well aware of the problems and huge costs of upgrading in order to meet the current energy efficiency standards and finding an affordable way to achieve modern and clean new look because fibro house cladding can be quite expensive in some cases.

Most fibro homes have poor or even non-existent energy efficiency and thermal insulation, plus, chances are the sheeting contains very dangerous asbestos. Dealing with it probably requires more than just a pint of paint. To greatly improve the comfort and thermal efficiency, you would think that you need to remove the existing fibro cladding. As a certified process, this can be extremely expensive and as you remove the fibro cladding, you will watch all that money go directly to the rubbish dump. Not even that, you will need to invest even more in insulation, new cladding, and the final finishing. Because of this, fibro house renovations can be an expensive and daunting process if you were to use a less optimal solution of if you do it by yourself.

Now imagine if you could save all of that money by simply investing it wisely into a superior exterior that is maintenance free without the need to remove the existing cladding.

Fibro home renovations can be expensive, but our Palliside weatherboards are the least expensive solution that will not only always look stunning and modern, but they will make painting thing of the past and leave that money in your pocket. Proper fibro house cladding will easily add many thousands of dollars to the value of your home in just a few weeks. Our fibro house makeover before and after pictures on this page show just a small sample of what is possible to achieve.

Beautiful Palliside weatherboards will add a unique aesthetic appeal to your home that looks very modern and that is more reliable and cheaper than other solutions. If you ever saw a fibro house makeover, then you noticed that it looks like it’s a completely new home. Not only that, but you will also enjoy lower energy bills with a superior energy efficiency of Palliside weatherboards. Renovating a fibro house has never been more economical!

Call us today and enjoy the most appealing home in the street at a price that you really can afford, and also increase the value of your home!

Cladding fibro homes in Sydney

Cladding fibro homes in Sydney to eliminate painting and encase the asbestos the fibro contains has been successfully achieved with Australian made and engineered Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding as it entombs the fibro and because of its cellular core also insulates the homes for noise, heat and cold as well as never needing to be painted. The fibro homes in Sydney that are clad in Palliside are maintenance free, no more painting!


Cladding over fibro Sydney

Cladding over fibro homes in Sydney has been the norm for the last 50 years.
The fibro is sealed and the asbestos fibres cannot escape.
Note it is only the fibres that are dangerous, in its solid form it is harmless. So don’t go bashing or drilling holes in the fibro walls, which makes the asbestos friable. Palliside UPVC 7mm thick weatherboard cladding has been used in Sydney for the last 35 years to entomb the fibro homes and render them safe.

Cladding over fibro home in sydney

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