Colorbond Roofing

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Colorbond roofing is an Australian made product with a 25 year guarantee and has been designed to handle Australia’s harsh climate. I use only Australian made and engineered products!

When fitting a new Colorbond roof as seen in the photos.

  1. We will make the site safe by Insulating the power lines and equipping my tradesmen with the appropriate safety gear.
  2. The roof will be strip in sections (to insure against bad weather ).
  3. New hardwood battens installed.
  4. A foil insulation blanket 50 mm thick installed.
  5. The roof sheets are fitted and screwed with waterproofing neoprene washers.
  6. All ridges and barge cappings fitted.
  7. And finally the site cleaned of rubbish.
  8. Now your home is as beautiful and weather tight as an Aussie home should be!