Modern Cladding


Make your Home Look Superior with Modern Outdoor Cladding

Over the years, the harsh weather conditions can make the outside of your home look old and tired. If this is the case with your home, we suggest renovating the cladding which will make it look brand new in a very short period of time. Australia is known for its extreme weather conditions and intense sunlight and the heat can have a negative effect on traditional cladding materials such as vinyl. Because of this, buckling and warping can occur which will heavily deteriorate the look of your home. Low-quality cladding can leave broken lines along the levels of vinyl cladding due to expansion and contraction. The expansion can leave gaps which will allow water, insects, and pests to get into the walls. If this isn’t addressed in a timely manner, could result in a costly bill.

In the past, cladding had only one function: to protect your house from the elements and stop the rain getting in. Today, modern cladding plays other important roles besides that basic function. It serves as an excellent insulator of heat and noise. This will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer whilst reducing your energy bills and power consumption. Home designers are using different colours, textures, and materials to create feature walls and stunning visual facades for the home.

Different types of cladding have their own pros and cons so it is very important to know which cladding material is the best overall choice. In Australia, weatherboards are the traditional cladding materials used and it is designed to protect your home from the unpredictable and harsh weather. They have excellent weather-tightness properties and the planks lap over each other which ensures that rainwater drains down the outside. But Palliside provides even better protection since it has anti-capillary channel that ensure boards lock together preventing any wind and rain penetration, palliside is category c cyclone rated, and also vermin nesting. Cellular foam construction provides extreme strength, durability, insulation and the strong inner core protects it from hail damage, warping, and any buckling that can occur.

Vinyl cladding has been used in Australia in the past, but the major downsides are that it becomes brittle as it does not contain a uv filter and can be damaged much easier (especially by hail stones). So, if you’re looking for a hard wearing modern cladding material for your home, there are much better alternatives. Acute heat and sunlight can change the colouring of some other options. When you choose the wrong material, the colour will tend to fade and it will be unevenly distributed across your home’s facade. Bushfire prone areas need to keep in mind that the traditional vinyl cladding is very prone to melting and the Styrofoam that is placed behind it will give off a poisonous toxic gas. Timber cladding has also been used as a cladding material for homes but there are many potential problems that come with it.  Termites can be an issue if it’s not treated against them. If you live in an area with a moist climate, then rot and mildew can be a huge problem for wood.


Modern Cladding Panels

There are many different types of modern cladding materials available, so you will need to choose the best one for your home carefully. Palliside is an extremely durable, versatile, and affordable option because it is the most effective in handling the Australian climate. They are also much more visually appealing and homes featuring different versions of Palliside are growing in numbers and popularity as a more contemporary design including the modern Hampton style home design.

Palliside weatherboards are wall sidings that will boost the aesthetics and price of your home. When you compare Palliside with other cladding materials, you will notice that it has many benefits one cannot overlook. Palliside was made as a product that has all the advantages of other cladding materials but none of their disadvantages. Many old homes might still have an asbestos (fibro) cladding which could be very dangerous for your health if the panels are broken and the strands are exposed. Palliside weatherboards are a perfect solution in this situation and you can clad your home, remove any cons of fibro and get that amazing look of weatherboards.

What’s great about Palliside is that the cost of maintenance is virtually zero since you just need to wash it once a year with soapy water and it’ll retain its look. Not only this, but the Australian manufacturer issues a genuine 25-year warranty. Also, Palliside weatherboards are perfect for homes in bushfire zones and in tropical cyclone region C as well. Palliside cladding also doesn’t require any painting and has an australian engineered uv filter coating on the surface. The Palliside material normally has a 7mm core that can easily protect the structure against the worst weather conditions.

High-quality house cladding is of a critical importance and that is why only Palliside weatherboards are recommended to the homeowners. They have a luxurious finish and their durability is superior when compared with other types of cladding. For modern cladding, Palliside provides a pest-proof solution that is very resistant to physical damage and elements. Unique core structure will make sure that superior insulation against heat and cold is in place. This not only lowers the energy requirements of the house but also lowers your energy bills. You can see how all of this makes it the premium option on the market.


Hampton Style Homes Sydney

Many interior design trends come and go, but the Hamptons style is not one of them. On the contrary, Hamptons style is constantly growing in popularity as a graceful, timeless, and elegant style with classic design elements that make the house’s age beautifully. Hamptons is a very appealing design because it combines classic proportion, balance, and detailing with the comfort and looks of a luxury beach house. Houses built and designed in Hamptons style give off a luxurious and elegant feel but they are also very comfortable and casual at the same time. This vibe can perfectly suit people living a coastal Australian life.

“Hamptons” is the epitome of relaxed sophistication. It is associated with crisp white and grey, luxurious open outdoors, and shingled houses. Hamptons is well-known for its association of the prosperous residents living in the Long Island villages (where it got its name). The coastal Hamptons area was home to fisherman and farmers who were living a very modest life as a working class. Over time, seaside location attracted a wealthier class who eventually began to take over the land in the area and they built their vacation and summer homes on the Hampton’s coastline. At a present moment, Hamptons is a living place of some of the most well-known celebrities and businessmen. This Hamptons style house design has then made its way into the Sydney region with an increasing number of residents wanting to create or renovate their homes to a more modern feel.

Hamptons style homes greatly appreciate the summer virtues and they promote a fluent transition between the outdoors and indoors. In a nutshell, it is a perfect mix of style and classic sophistication with the casual beachside living. Typical Hamptons style house using Palliside weatherboards provides a natural look with a similar feel to timber that are typically painted white and grey while gable style roofs are tiled and combined with wide balconies. Also, kitchens in Hampton style homes tend to be centrepieces of the home. The classic beach look is usually achieved by choosing a colour scheme that creates a light and breezy feel. This would include shades of cream, white, sand and grey that channel the signature sun-bleached look.

Interiors in Hampton style houses are usually very airy and light, and the floor plan is free-flowing. Open living spaces are almost always part of the house but the cosy places, such as window seats, studies, or reading lounges for you to retreat for privacy and peace are included as well. Doors and windows in Hamptons style homes are well-positioned so rooms are overwhelmed with natural light. For the floors, oak such as Tasmanian oak is a popular choice. Comfort is indulged – think libraries, spacious living areas, large kitchens, and elegant furniture. The look and feel of these areas seamlessly transition into the outdoor area of the home. Outdoor living spaces are created in a way to be used almost as much as indoor rooms.

Hampton style houses have big beautiful open spaces which are great for entertainment and indoor spaces lead out to large verandas so everything in the home feels restful and welcoming. You can notice the classic lines across the house which speak of nostalgia and tradition but all the modern traits that one would expect today are included. The aesthetics of the Hamptons design works really well in Australian coastal climate as well as with our entertaining and indoor-outdoor living lifestyle. Timber shingles are also one of the iconic characteristics of Hamptons style home. Some homes have timber shingles only on the roof, while others use them over the entire outside of the home. People found influences in a variety of styles, so Victorian, Tudor, and Queen Anne styles can be noticed.


Hamptons Style House Cladding

Hamptons style homes are loved and revered in Australia over their durable yet delicate design. These are one of our most requested modern cladding. Being inspired by the glamour and the seaside of Long Island in New York, Hampton homes perfectly blend sophistication and elegance with comfort, style, and relaxation. Having your house cladded in a Hamptons style will bring you an enjoyment of beach living without having to leave the city. The coastal influence of Long Island perfectly suits the life in Australia.

Even though the Hamptons style may have started in a seaside neighbourhood, you don’t need to be located along a water-front to mimic a Hamptons look and feel. It’s all about the easy flow of living comfortably in your home. It is arguably a perfect fit for the Australian lifestyle. Beachside suburbs are located around the country so the Hamptons style home is a popular choice no matter in which state one resides. The overall look and feel are what it makes it so appealing and people love the combination of casual and relaxed look with a touch of sophistication. Depending on your individual taste, with the Hamptons beach house style, you’ll have the diversity to dress the style up or down. It’s a rare case where you can combine a recycled wooden chest with a crystal chandelier and make it look like a perfect fit. This style is mostly about the external finishes. Something like a tiled roof with mid toned grey walls and white windows and features is a popular choice.

We will work with you to create a compelling and timeless Hamptons style for your home. Palliside weatherboard cladding with a soft neutral white or grey colour palette will create a space that will be the envy of your neighbours. We’re among the most experienced renovators in Sydney and we’ve been in business since 1969. We use only the most advanced and finest products for our projects and we think that an investment in quality will pay off over time.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new custom build or to renovate an existing home, when you choose Peter Bracy for renovating in a Hampton style, you can trust that the end result will be a product of expert workmanship.

We will ensure that the weatherboards will be strong enough to easily withstand the harsh Australian climate.