Hampton’s Eave Sheeting

Icon Plastics the manufacturer of the premium Palliside wall cladding have filled the void in structural eave sheeting.

Icon eave sheet never needs painting. The UPVC cladding colours are white and almond which will not leave a dark shadow on the wall. They also complement the colours in the Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding range.

The icon eave sheet has a V-joint which replicates a painted timber finish as opposed to the bland flat appearance of AC sheeting.
With Icon eave sheeting you will never have to paint the eaves of your home again and at the same time have the class look of a timber look alike eave.

Why Install UPVC Cladding?

  • Exceptional durability: Unlike wood, UPVC cladding will not rot or deteriorate even after prolonged exposure to extreme outdoor elements – from strong winds to hail. It provides exceptional hardwearing properties, serving as added protection for Australian homes. It also retains its original shape and colour after many years.
  • Improved insulation: When the cold and hot months hit, UPVC cladding helps improve insulation. The cladding prevents air from escaping the home during summer and keeps interiors warm during winter.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: This type of cladding also provides the home a more natural charm. Cladding products come in different colours, styles, thicknesses and widths to match the overall design of the home.
  • Low maintenance: UPVC covering requires little maintenance, making it a cost-effective option for homes located in areas with harsh weather condition. The material will not warp even after washing it with soap and water.

Peter Bracey takes pride in offering quality cladding for homes. Browse our catalogue for more information on our products.
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Palliside UPVC-jointed- eave system

Palliside UPVC-jointed- eave system