House Cladding Renovation Project – Hornsby, Sydney

Below is an example of a House Cladding Renovation project recently completed by Peter Bracey.

The original house

Hornsby House Cladding Renovation by Peter Bracey

This cottage was originally a NSW housing commission home which was built in the 1950s.
No maintenance had been performed on it since Adam was a boy! The home was original!
As is evidence from the photos a complete make over was required to save the home and make it liveable!

The owner’s requirements

  • The roof was the original concrete tile! The weather proof coating had long worn away,the valleys had rusted out,some of the tiles were broken and in need of replacing.The pointing which was original had come away and mildew was forming on the ceiling inside the home.
  • The gutters had rusted out along with the downpipes.
  • The facia and barge boards had not been painted for 30 years or more.
  • The windows were full of dry rot as they had not had any maintenance performed on them for the same period as the windows and the rest of the house!
  • The fibro eaves and walls had become porous and the home was very cold in winter and stinking hot in summer and of course ,were dying for a coat of paint!

Peter Bracey the builder to the rescue!

  • All the broken roof tiles were replaced,the valleys renewed.The roof clean with a high pressure washer,a sealer-filler coating was applied and then two coats of Spectra (Black) roof membrane (which has a 12 year guarantee) to waterproof the roof,Finally the roof was top pointed in flexipoint, that is after the tiles were restored to give it a new roof look, when you top point you can not tell it has been restored and concrete tiles do not reach their maximum strength for 50 to 60 years. The roof will last another 60 years!
  • The skillion roof at the rear had new colorbond barges fitted, the roof was in good condition and was not in need of replacement
  • The gutters, facia boards and downpipes were renewed in colorbond. Incidentally Peter Bracey installs high fronted slotted gutter, so that in unusual heavy rain the water will flow out through the slots at the front and not back inside the eaves and walls of the house.
  • The old timber windows were replaced with Bracey architrave windows which take away that naked hole in the wall look of normal aluminium windows.
  • Now because the windows at the front of the home were three different sizes, the new replacement windows were all made the same size and new internal lining, studs and headers installed.Window hoods were also manufactured in colorbond to dress the windows and give them a bit of character.
  • The windows all have security insulating laminated glass with locks (key to like)and fly screens,new dressed maple timber reveals and architraves.
    The eaves were cladded in Icon eave sheet which never needs to be painted.
  • The fibro walls were clad in Insulating Australian made Palliside UV coated weatherboards which never need painting, will not fade, powder, warp or rot.
  • A door at the rear which was no longer in use and was removed new stud work inside lining and then cladded over with Palliside Cladding.
  • The old front verandah post had an aluminium powder coated one with matching hand rail installed.
    The old timber/fibro meter box on the front verandah was replaced with a made to measure colorbond box to match the white Palliside cladding and so it is not an eyesore any more.
  • Decorative vents were installed in the gable ends.

Increased value and no maintenance

Peter Bracey looks at your home as if it were his and advises on the new design concepts so you achieve your desired new home!
The home has now been modernised and looks as though it belongs in the 21st century!
The renovation has probably put $200k, $300K, $400k onto the value of the home?
It cost much less to renovate to this look and standard.

Please play the video to the right to see the incredible difference before and after the renovation, or click on the images below to enlarge them.