Concrete Tile Roof Restoration

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Concrete tiles do not reach their maximum strength for 50 years or more.

The problem is the original coating that was applied 60 years ago has long gone from the surface and the tiles are porous, as a result every time it rains the tiles absorb the water and add about 6-7 tonne to the weight of the roof. This puts stress on the roofing frame and your roof can develop a sag and even crack the members of the frame because it was not engineered to take this extra weight.

With Concrete tile roof restoration, when we restore your tile roof it will be waterproof and weatherproof for an other 50 years.
And stronger then new tiles because your tiles have cured over the last 50 odd years since they were originally installed, concrete tiles do not reach their ultimate strength for over 60 years (stand on a new tile and it will crack because it is green and has not cured).

We start by replacing any broken tiles and matching them with the existing tile profile (I have access to a wide range of second hand tiles).
The roof is cleaned using water under high pressure,starting from the top of the roof any working our way down to the guttering,to prevent water damage.

Valleys are changed to Colorbond to match the new roofing colour you have chosen, if they are rusted out.
The tiles now have a sealer and filler coat applied.

Next, 2 coats of Nu-Tech 2000 roofing membrane of the colour of your choice with a 10 year guarantee is applied to the tiles
So the roof does not look like it has been painted and to gives the impression of a brand new roof.I rebed where necessary and TOP point in flex-point. That is to say all the pointing is done after the tiles are restored. As is the practise when new tiles are fitted
And finally we clean up the site.