Dress Up Your Home with Exterior Cladding

Everyone wants to protect their home from the harshness of weather and the general wear and tear of external factors. It is for this reason that exterior cladding has long been a practice among homeowners.

Cladding is the outermost layer of buildings and other structures such as houses. It acts as a protective layer by separating a structure from exterior elements, thereby making it last longer and less susceptible to damage.

The Types of Exterior Cladding

The type of material you choose for your home’s exterior can greatly affect how well your cladding can perform its function.

Vinyl Cladding
This type of cladding has been in use since the 1950s. Whilst they have long been the standard exterior wall cladding material, it has proven to be quite vulnerable to a host of environmental factors.

Palliside Cladding
Palliside claddings are most definitely the best choice if you are after aesthetics and low maintenance. It gives homes a natural charm whilst providing a layer of UV protection.

The Benefits of Exterior Cladding

Some may see cladding as an outdated feature of housing that is not appealing, but modern methods of cladding actually has the potential to give your house a great visual transformation.

The addition of cladding can greatly alter the overall look of a house. It is a fairly low-cost option for homeowners looking for a quick change of appearance. Alternatively, you can install cladding to your exterior walls.

Waterproofing & Ventilation
Constant exposure to different weather conditions can cause walls to warp and deteriorate in a hurry. Through cladding, walls get an extra layer of protection. Cladding provides added ventilation, as well.

Insulation Covering
In addition, you can use cladding to cover up insulation that may already be in place. This makes for a more pleasing aesthetic while retaining the benefits of any existing insulation. It is often necessary if you are just adding insulation.

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