Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

See Examples of Tile Roof Restorations in Sydney

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A roof restoration of you terracotta roof only takes 3 days and your roof will look brand new as these 60 year old roofs in the photos look.

This is how I proceed:

  1. The site is made safe, power lines insulated,and my tradesmen equipped with the necessary safety gear.
  2. All the broken tiles are replaced and matched to existing tiles, we find and average of 50 tiles need to be replaced on the roof.
  3. The roof is now cleaned using a high pressure water gun, starting from the top of the roof and working our way down to prevent water damage.
  4. Then an anti-fungicide is applied to the tiles to kill the lichen spores.
  5. Valleys are replaced if needed.
  6. Ridges bedded where necessary.
  7. Ridges and gable ends pointed in flex-point which allows for expansion and contraction.
  8. and finally the site is cleaned.
  9. Terracotta tiles can last 1000 years or more as long as they are not subject to fretting agents such as salt.
  10. You now have the best looking and most weatherproof roof in the street!