Enfield Home Rejuvenation



This 100 hundred year old plus home in Enfield (circa 1910) had been renovated previously, making this renovation a much simpler affair than it might otherwise have been. The house was good structurally but the previously applied vinyl cladding, gutters, windows, fascias, roof and eaves were all largely in need of replacement.

We were able to quote a price that was about a quarter of a knockdown and rebuild. The pictures don’t exactly do it justice but the renovation completely removed the dingy-grimy inner city that it had pre-makeover.



We removed the old rusted roof, replaced the battens, added a new 50mm foil insulation blanket, and used new colorbond for the roofing. Gutters, downpipes, barges and fascia were also replaced colorbond, and Icon Hampton’s eaveboard was fitted to box in the eaves.

The windows of the house were quite deteriorated and were replaced with our Bracey cladding windows. Due to the location and the need for sound and temperature insulation high quality insulating security glass was used – effectively bringing the home into the 21st century.

The old vinyl cladding was then removed, and Australian made Palliside structural UPVC weatherboards were put in place. This type of cladding is safe, never needs painting, is long lasting and relatively impervious (compared to many other types of cladding).

The verandah awning at the rear of the house was replaced with a new Lysaught flatdeck one, and finally the site was cleared of rubbish.

In conjunction with the yard clean up, the house now shows some pride in its heritage!