Cladding fibro homes in Sydney

Cladding fibro homes in Sydney to eliminate painting and encase the asbestos the fibro contains has been successfully achieved with Australian made and engineered Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding as it entombs the fibro and because of its cellular core also insulates the homes for noise, heat and cold as well as never needing to be painted. The fibro homes in Sydney that are clad in Palliside are maintenance free, no more painting!

Palliside Cladding provides UV stability and strength and with it’s cellular foam construction it is a 7mm thick weatherboard with solid colour throughout, designed and engineered for Australia’s extreme climate. Palliside has a UV protection layer designed uniquely for Australia. The anti-capillary channel when the boards are locked together prevents vermin, moisture and wind getting behind the walls. It is simply cleaned with soapy water. It will not support combustion and can be used in bush fire zoned regions of Australia (Palliside is being used in the reconstruction of homes in the bush fired ravaged areas of Victoria). It can be used in tropical cyclone region C or terrain category 3 as defined in the wind loading code AS1170.2.

Why we use Palliside:


Palliside Cladding

  • Palliside Cladding will not fade
  • Palliside Cladding will not powder
  • Palliside Cladding is hail damage proof
  • Palliside Cladding will not warp
  • Palliside Cladding is approved in bushfire designated areas (nil fire ignition rate)
  • Palliside Cladding is made & designed in Australia
  • Palliside Cladding insulates against heat/cold
  • Palliside Cladding provides acoustic insulation
  • Palliside Cladding has a 25 year Australian warranty by the Australian manufacture