Parramatta Vinyl Cladded House Renovated And Reclad In Palliside



As you can see this home has previously be clad in vinyl cladding, with normal skinny aluminum windows, the windows give the house a whole in the wall look, there is no character to the windows, because there is no exterior architrave. Vinyl cladding, because it does not contain a UV filter had become brittle and the cladding had hole in them. Also the colour has faded and a white powder appeared on the surface. 



The client wanted a Hampton’s beach style cottage look, and so Peter Bracey replaced the tiled roof with a colorbond roof, matching colorbond gutters and fascias, front patio. the old vinyl cladding was stripped off the home, old aluminium windows removed and Australia made uv protected Palliside wall cladding was fitted, with Bracey architrave laminated glass windows were also installed and the fibro eaves we clad in Hampton’s style eave boards. As you can see $150K was added to the value of the home.