Experienced,expert and well paid tradesmen are the secret!

Peter Bracey, the builder,  has specialised in renovating typical Australian fibro, weatherboard, vinyl and aluminium cladded cottages since 1969.
It could not happen without the best and most experienced tradesmen, as all homes have their idiosyncrasies and faults because we are dealing with an existing structure.
Peter’s tradesmen have worked with him for over 40 years. They are paid a daily wage and are not subcontractors paid on piecework as is the norm in the cladding and building industries.
Peter believes in” the carrot not the stick” and as a result, the client gets the best job and the tradesmen get their just reward for a job well done!
We are a family company that follows Peter’s philosophy of experienced, expert and well-paid tradesmen performing the renovations to your home, probably the biggest single investment you will make!
The A team
Steve, Ray and the three Peter’s