St Ives Hamptons Palliside Makeover!



The weatherboard home was built in the 60’s and after 50 years was ripe for a facelift and the Hamptons style seemed the logical solution.

The tiles had lost there waterproof coating although still structurally sound,the gutters were the original galvanised ones,the timber facias had dry rot and needed painting,the fibro eaves were sagging,weatherboards had dry rot and needed major repairs and painting, the brickwork and timber railing needed a spruce up.
Peter Bracey and his tradesmen to the rescue!



The roof had the broken tiles replaced, roof cleaned, a sealer coating applied, then two coats of roof membrane with a 10-year warranty and finally the ridges were rebeded were necessary and top pointed in flexi-point, a new roof!

The gutter, timber fascias and downpipes were all changed to Lysaughts colorbond, so no need to paint.

The eaves were all cladded in Hampton’s eave sheeting again eliminating the painting
The walls were rid of any dry rot and clad in Australian made Palliside UPVC weatherboards that contains a UV filter, so it will not become brittle and insulates the home with its inbuilt cellular core.

The timber windows were retained on this job.

The handrail was renewed and the brick foundations were clad in sandstone tiles.

The clients have made a very canny investment in their home for future, no more maintenance worries and a big increase in the value of their home!