Fairfield West House Cladding



The home had been partially resheeted in AC cement sheeting with the view to rendering or painting.
But after the client investigated the advantages of Palliside cladding over the othe scenarios, there was only one choice ! Palliside by a country mile!



The work that was performed was not only restricted to installing Palliside weatherboards.
The client had already installed aluminium windows,but the problem with most aluminium windows is that they look naked and to solve the problem Peter installed 65 mm aluminium clipon architraves after the new cladding was installed and the windows flashed. Barge boards and facia boards were covered in colorbond metal flashings.
The eaves were all lined with Icon eave sheeting.
Now we have a new home at the old address with a substanial increase in market value should the clients ever wish to sell, giving them a huge return on the cost of the improvements they undertook.

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