50% of our business is recladding existing vinyl cladded homes

As alluded to in the previous news post more and more of Peter Bracey’s clients are having him strip the existing vinyl cladding which they were told would “last for a life time” by the salesman. Only to find out not too many years later that thin(0.05-1.00 mm) vinyl cladding breaks down under Australia’s extreme climate.

Vinyl cladding fades, goes chalky (white powder forms on it), warps (because it is so thin), peels off the home in strong winds, becomes brittle and subject to hail damage and knocks. The foam backing becomes a haven for vermin, and mildew forms because of the condensation that forms between the foam and the original cladding. Note: that is why vinyl cladding has drain holes along the bottom, they dont work, mildew and damp wall syndrome is still a problem.

Palliside is made and engineered in Australia by an Australian company and has been used as the premium cladding for over 35 years. Most Vinyl cladding is imported!

Peter Bracey only installs Australian made materials on your home, so you know your home will look like new for years and years to come!

“Perfection nothing less!” since 1969

Below are two photos of a before and after of a vinyl cladded house that Peter stripped and renovated with Palliside and other Australian made building materials.

Before After

Damaged Vinyl