Beware of Phoenix building companies! 7 tips you should know prior to signing a building contract!

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The Sydney Morning Herald published an article several months ago on the rise of building companies going into liquidation and the next week the same directors rebirthing the business.

These companies are usually $2 companies and provide no Home Owners Warranty Insurance as specified under the NSW Home building act,1989. They leave a trail of home owners devastated, out of pocket with unfinished renovations and unpaid suppliers and tradesmen!

As from 1st of March 2015 the state government has made changes to the act. As was the case previously all contracts over $20,000 must be covered with Home Owners Warranty insurance. However now instead of a 5% deposit it has been raised to 10%.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are engaging a reputable builder for your home renovation.

  1. Ask to see his company’s contractors license and check that it is current.
  2. Check that the “builder” is the qualified builder, ask to see the name on the company’s supervisors licence. Many licenses are restricted to certain works (many cladding companies are restricted to only cladding) and that it is current (be wary if he is not the name on the license, he is obviously not suitable or does not have the qualifications to hold one)!
  3. Ask if he has in place current Home Owners Warranty Insurance, he can not receive a deposit for work until he issues one for the project named in the contract.
  4. An easy way to check if you are dealing with a Phoenix company is to request a copy of the building companies ABN by law it must be on the contract along with the companies building license, the first two numbers are the year the Company was formed, ie, 15 means 2015, 87 means 1987.
  5. Do not under any circumstances pay progress payments until sufficient materials and or work has commenced.
  6. Be wary of companies that advertise 40 years experience. That could mean all the staff have 40 years between them.
  7. NSW Work Cover takes tradesmen’s safety very seriously make sure you contractor insulates power lines if work comes with in one metre of the lines, for example is he erecting scaffolding when working at heights? In other words ask him what safety measures he will be initiating.

If a workman is injured on your premises and the necessary safety steps, induction training and work method statements have not been undertaken you may be liable!

When you contract Peter Bracey’s building company for your renovation your can sleep soundly knowing that Passken Pty Ltd was started in 1987 (prior Peter was in partnership from 1969) and has $100000 paid up capital! The license is a full builders licence without any restrictions, current till 2017 and Peter is the qualified supervising builder with a full building licence current till November 2015, supervisors licenses are renewed each year, after completing continuing professional development courses to keep the builder up to date with current building practices.

Peter does not employ salesmen, he personally advises and quotes every job!

Peter has in place current Home Owners Warranty insurance through the Housing Industry Association of which he has been a member for over 20 years.

All NSW Work Cover requirements are rigorously adhered too!

Peter and all his tradesmen have completed the necessary asbestos handling and asbestos removal courses!

Peter Bracey does not need your money to finance your home improvement project. You still have 50% of the contract price outstanding till satisfactory completion of your home renovation!

Peter only installs Australian made and engineered materials, which have been proven for decades. No matter the quality of the materials used in your project, the most important piece of the jigsaw are the most highly qualified and competent tradesmen, some of whom have worked with Peter for over 30 years, Peter has nothing against younger tradesmen, but every home has its own uniqueness and nothing counts for experience.

“Perfection, nothing less.” Since 1969. To find out more, please contact us.