Home cladding ideas Sydney

before after

Before and after Pallisde Cladding Renovation

We usually give clients the option of further home cladding ideas with their Sydney home cladding.
We look at you home as if it was our own and am not frighten to suggest, maybe restoring the concrete tile roof.
This involves cleaning, replacing broken tiles, applying a filler sealer, two(2) layers of Nu-Teck 2000 roof membrane and then we re-embed the capping where necessary and then finally repoint the capping. As a result the roof has the appearance of a new one not a painted roof.

Tile Roof Restoration

When we restore your tile roof it will be waterproof and weatherproof for an other 50 years.
And stronger then new tiles because your tiles have cured over the last 50 odd years since they were originally installed, concrete tiles do not reach their ultimate strength for over 60 years (stand on a new tile and it will crack because it is green and has not cured).