Home cladding options in Sydney

Before and after

Before and after full external home cladding renovation in Sydney

The most popular home cladding options in Sydney over the last 50 years has been to clad in aluminium, vinyl cladding or 7mm thick Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding. Palliside Cladding has proved to be the most durable as it will not fade , powder, dent, rot become brittle, be hail damaged and it can be used in bushfire rate areas of Sydney because it has a nil ignition ratio (will not support combustion). Palliside is being used in the reconstruction of homes in the bushfire ravaged areas of Victoria, it has a nil fire ignition rate and will not support combustion and it will not melt in the sun or from the reflection of glass windows . Check out all the benefits of Palliside Cladding for your exterior house walls. You can find everything you need to know on our website, or contact us today. Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements Free call 1800 631 541 24 hours 7 days