House cladding prices Sydney

House cladding prices in Sydney depend on:

  • the quality of the cladding you install.
  • The labour involved!
  • Is the home high off the ground?
  • Is it 2 storeys and hence need scaffolding?
  • If you work within 1m of the power lines they must be insulated.
  • How much asbestos removal has to take place to safely clad the home?
  • How much rubbish?
  • Are you wanting to do other renovation work on the home?
  • Is home warranty insurance required?

External House Cladding
Peter Bracey has specialised in quality external house cladding and external wall restoration systems in NSW since 1969. Re-cladding and updating  fibro/asbestos, aluminium, thin vinyl, polystyrene backed vinyl homes with Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding in Sydney metropolitan area. Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements are the only NSW approved wholesaler/installer of Australian made and engineered insulated Palliside UPVC weatherboard and eave cladding.

See why solid UPVC 7mm thick insulated Palliside weatherboards are best! click here
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