James Hardie cladding Sydney

James Hardie cladding installed in Sydney has to be painted whereas Palliside UPVC 7 mm thick weatherboard cladding never has to be painted, comes in several colours, it will not fade, powder, warp, rot become brittle, its cyclone rated and has been designed and manufactured and installed in Sydney, Australia for the last 35 years. Palliside comes with a 25 year Australian guarantee.

Why Palliside:


Palliside Cladding

  • will not fade
  • will not powder
  • is hail damage proof
  • will not warp
  • approved in bushfire designated areas (nil fire ignition rate)
  • is made & designed in Australia
  • insulates against heat/cold
  • provides acoustic insulation
  • has a 25 year Australian warranty by the Australian manufacture

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