Vinyl weatherboards Sydney

Vinyl weatherboards were first imported from the USA and Canada in the 1970s but have since found to have major deficiencies in the variable Sydney climate. They warp on the wall, fade, powder, melt in the sun, become brittle, peel off the wall in strong winds and are damaged by hail.

Australian made and engineered Palliside UPVC weatherboards will not!
And has an Australian manufacturers 25 year guarantee!

With Palliside Cladding, you can have the look and charm of weatherboards without the worry and cost of maintenance, or concerns about corrosion, peeling or vermin attack. It provides UV stability and strength and with it’s cellular foam construction it is a 7mm thick weatherboard with solid colour throughout, designed and engineered for Australia’s extreme climate. It will not support combustion and can be used in bush fire zoned regions of Australia (Palliside is being used in the reconstruction of homes in the bush fired ravaged areas of Victoria). It can be used in tropical cyclone region C or terrain category 3 as defined in the wind loading code AS1170.2. Palliside has a UV protection layer designed uniquely for Australia. The anti-capillary channel when the boards are locked together prevents vermin, moisture and wind getting behind the walls. It is simply cleaned with soapy water.