Average cost of Cladding a House Sydney

The average cost of cladding a house in Sydney depends on the  size, type of material used, if scaffolding is required under OH&S and also the other renovations you need to do to renew the house. Most  Sydney home owners also restore the old tile roof or change the existing iron roof to colorbond, renew the gutter, clad the facias and barge boards. Clad the eaves as well as the walls and renew the old windows.


Palliside Cladding

  • will not fade
  • will not powder
  • is hail damage proof
  • will not warp
  • approved in bushfire designated areas (nil fire ignition rate)
  • is made & designed in Australia
  • insulates against heat/cold
  • provides acoustic insulation
  • has a 25 year Australian warranty by the Australian manufacture

Colorbond roofing is an Australian made product with a 25 year guarantee and has been designed to handle Australia’s harsh climate. Peter & Lesley Home Improvements use only Australian made and engineered products!

When fitting a new Colorbond roof:

  • Peter & Lesley Home Improvements will make the site safe by Insulating the power lines and equipping my tradesmen with the appropriate safety gear.
  • The roof will be strip in sections (to insure against bad weather ).
  • New hardwood battens installed.
  • A foil insulation blanket 50 mm thick installed.
  • The roof sheets are fitted and screwed with waterproofing neoprene washers.
  • All ridges and barge cappings fitted.
  • And finally the site cleaned of rubbish.
  • Now your home is as beautiful and weather tight as an Aussie home should be!

Peter & Lesley Home Improvements only use Australian made Colorbond gutters facia and flashings because they have been engineered to handle the harsh climate you live in and they have a 25 year guarantee. 

How much does Palliside cladding cost? Well, it all depends on the various factors mentioned above. It is definitely not advisable to go for the cheapest exterior cladding, as this will cost you more in the long run. House cladding prices can vary dramatically based on the size of the house and the materials used. If you need a quote or a house cladding cost comparison, we will be more than happy to help. For a full range of weatherboard cladding prices give us a call today! 

Peter & Lesley Home Improvements use a slotted gutter to prevent any overflow as a result of a major storm not flowing back into you eaves and rotting the framing timbers of your home, The size and profile of the gutter and downpipes installed are dependent on the volume of water the gutters/ downpipes need to accommodate, according to the roof area they are servicing.

The old timber facia (after any dry rot is removed ) is covered with a strong ribbed Colorbond facia cover in any Colorbond colour you wish.

Some areas of your home, especially where you have a skillion roof or barges on gables are covered in designed and made to measure Colorbond flashings. Refer to the photos.