Choosing the Right Colour of Your Cladding

The exteriors are what make your home create a statement, a good impression. It’s one of the aspects of your home that you should invest in. Here at Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements, we make it a point to provide you with indispensable advice when it comes to choosing what fits your home and your specific requirements.

We recommend that you use Palliside cladding if you want your exteriors to endure the passing of time and the harshest of external elements. If you’re confused which colour to choose, here are some tips:

The Theme of Your Home

This is the first thing off your list. Specific architectures or themes require the use of specific colours. For instance, Victorian themes are more drawn to pastel and bright shades. Rustic and cottage themes, on the other hand, favour colours derived from reds and yellows.

Complementing Nature and the Neighbourhood

The colour of your home’s claddings should go well with the surroundings. If your backdrop is mostly green, it will be advisable if you use shades that will create an interesting contrast, such as those derived from green. Check the dominant colours the adjacent houses use.

Other Elements to Consider

See to it that the exteriors match the colours of your landscape. If your flowers are bright and overwhelming, you may want to use faded or pale colours to serve as the garden palette’s backdrop. Be sure to coordinate the cladding’s shades with the colours of the roof and the door.

Choosing the right colour of your Palliside cladding need not be difficult. All you have to do is identify which colours complement each other; you can easily pull this off by looking at the colour wheel. If you want to find out more about our products, visit our other pages. Better yet, contact us today and let us help you with your cladding needs.