Cladding 101

When I was a first time homebuyer, I didn’t know what cladding was and how important it was to my home’s exterior. I’ve put together a quick Cladding: 101 fact sheet for those who wish to learn more.

What is cladding?

In basic terms, exterior cladding is when a material is put over the external walls of a home to help fight against the harsh weather conditions. Sometimes, it is used for aesthetics, but it typically provides a safety shield for walls.

Stucco is a familiar word to most who have done home renovations. This is just one example of aesthetically pleasing cladding. However, Palliside cladding is becoming far more popular, although it’s not the only option. Fibre cement cladding is another form that is composed of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. Typically, this is seen in the form of faux shingles.

Before the Second World War, cladding was quite expensive and high maintenance. After the 1970s, there was a shift in materials used for typical cladding jobs from fibre to vinyl and aluminum. This made it much less expensive to install and maintain.

Benefits of Palliside wall cladding

House cladding isn’t just for looks; it serves an actual purpose in fighting against harsh weather conditions. While it doesn’t make the house completely weatherproof, it does provide a tough shield against these conditions. When I first started renovations years ago, I didn’t realise how many benefits there were to opting for Palliside wall cladding. Some of these benefits include:

  • High heat resistance (will not melt in sun or bush fire)
  • It will not rot or peel
  • It does not weaken easily
  • Unaffected by hail
  • Acts as an insulation for sound, as well as weather

While a basic rundown of cladding will speak of fighting against weather, the purposes above are what truly seal the deal. In terms of aesthetics, cladding and weatherboard have plenty to offer including maintaining its original colour. Since my cladding is of the highest quality, I can guarantee no discolouration and lifelong wear.