Non Flammable Cladding

As we are all aware from recent news there was a major disaster with an aluminium foam composite cladding installed on a high rise residential building in London and also in Dubai. Vinyl cladding with polystyrene foam backing may also be vulnerable to such a disaster in a fire. Even though the foam like the London composite contains a fire retardant. Note, Australian made solid UPVC Palliside, is not a composite foam material. As per the Australian Standard 1530.3 it will not support combustion (burn):

  • Ignitability 0
  • Heat evolved 0
  • Spread of flame 0
  • Smoke developed 8

When you have Australian made Palliside cladding installed on your home, you will have the most superior domestic cladding, you can be comfortable that your home is not only maintenance free but also fire proof!