Palliside Cladding Sydney

Palliside is an Australian engineered and made primary cladding, which is fitted directly to the timber frame of your home in new construction or as a secondary cladding over fibro and timber. Palliside’s unique duel extrusion process provides a cellular core which insulates your home and also absorbs expansion and contraction, hence it will not warp and boards are joined with a waterproof and vermin proof joiner.

The history of Palliside Cladding Sydney & Australia

Palliside Wall Cladding is a uniquely Australian product, designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate. It has been in use in Australia for over 35 years and due to their superior material the first homes fitted in Palliside still look as good today as the day they were Clad.

Icon, the manufacturer of Palliside Wall Cladding, is an Australian company specialising in various plastic products and is also a preferred supplier to the automotive industry.

Genuine 25-year manufacturer warranty

Icon provides a genuine 25-year written warranty with all jobs installed by Peter Bracey, the exclusive NSW wholesaler and installer of Palliside Cladding, Sydney.

Peter Bracey has found that the majority of his projects now include stripping existing vinyl and aluminium clad homes and recladding them in superior Palliside wall cladding products.

The exterior coating is the most superior UV resistance product developed for cladding, it will not fade or powder and retains its appearance over the years!

“Perfection, nothing less!” Since 1969!

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