Roof restoration of 70 year old terracotta tiled roof!

Peter Bracey is a builder who specialises in a complete exterior home make overs and has done so since 1969.

When Peter clads a home he very often suggests other work that should be undertaken to improve the appearance of the house! Such as a roof restoration of the existing tile roof. This is inexpensive compared to the cost of a new roof.

The photos show the restoration process on a 70 year old terracotta tiled roof at Revesby that Peter is also cladding with Palliside weatherboards which never need painting, he is also covering the facias in colorbond facia cover, cladding the eaves in Icon jointed eave sheet, and erecting a colorbond awning to the rear of the home. All these materials a maintenance free apart from cleaning, no more painting. The house already has existing aluminium windows which Peter will flash, then cover the flashing and surround the windows with a trim to finish off the Palliside cladding.

Terracotta tiles can last for hundreds of years,but are subject to lichen growth which gives that ugly greenish look to the tiles.

The procedure for the roof restoration is as follows:

1/ Replace any broken tiles and ridge capping.
2/ Replace metal valleys that have rusted out with colour bond ones if necessary.
3/ High pressure clean the roof from the top down,so no water penetrates the roof.
4/ Apply an anti-fungicide to the roof to kill all the lichen spores and to clean the nose of the tiles.
5/ The ridges are pointed in coloured flexi-point,which unlike cement is flexible as the name suggests and will not fall out after time.

Peter will post a further update on this job when it is all finished