Stay Cool And Save Money: Energy Efficient House Cladding

It’s no surprise that Peter Bracey takes house cladding seriously. After all, he’s specialised in it for over 45 years, installing and re-cladding NSW houses to be durable and attractive for years to come. But did you know that house cladding can actually save you money? With quality products like Palliside cladding, you can make your house more energy efficient, saving money on your energy bills every single month!

Keeping Insulated

It gets hot in Southeastern Australia, and when it gets hot, it’s time to break out the air conditioners! Cooling systems are a powerful tool to fight off the heat, but if your house cladding isn’t well-insulated, it’s a fight you may be losing. If your cladding isn’t well insulated, the cool air can leave your house through your walls. Losing refreshing cool air means gaining uncomfortable hot air. To try and get rid of it, your air conditioner will stay on longer, which will cost you an ever increasing amount on your energy bill as the heat climbs and climbs. Palliside house cladding keeps the heat out and the cold air in, just as well-insulated house cladding should. This lets you get the most out of the energy your cooling system spends, which saves you money.

Stop the Leaks

Even the best cladding won’t do you much good if it leaks. If there’s a leak in your cladding, the cool air inside your home can bypass the walls entirely, flowing out of the cracks and making your energy bill go up. Leaks often occur for one of two reasons: breaks caused by water damage and rot, or faulty installation. Luckily, you’ll have to worry about neither with Peter Bracey. Peter uses Palliside house cladding, which will form a seal around your house and won’t crack or leak.

Greater Durability

If house cladding can’t stand up to the weather, it’s useless. Palliside cladding is built here in Australia, and is made specifically to withstand the extremes in weather, meaning it’s rugged enough to stand any fire hail or heat NSW can throw at it. Your Paliside house cladding will look beautiful all year round, and won’t crack, warp or break in the face of extreme weather. It’ll keep you cool far into the future, and it’ll keep your energy bills as low as the temperature inside your house.

If you’ve noticed your energy bills rising as the days get hotter, don’t wait until things get worse! Call Peter Bracey today, and take the first step towards beautiful, energy efficient house cladding.