The Beauty of Terracotta Roof

Other than walls, doors and windows, those who want to improve their home’s kerb appeal also focus on the roofing. When it comes to this part of the house, safe choices on materials include metal and concrete But, if you want to add character to your home’s appeal, you can choose terracotta.

Terracotta, or fired clay, is often used by homeowners who want to lend a rustic and warm appeal to their abodes. Those who want to make their homes look eclectic also use terracotta roofing together with modern materials used in exteriors, such as vinyl and aluminium.

Consider terracotta roofing if you’re having second thoughts on using metal and slate. And if you’re thinking of replacing your old clay roof with something else, consider services that will restore its original appeal and function.  This will save you a lot of money since this material is pretty easy to restore, and it can practically last a lifetime with proper care.

Below are some reasons that make terracotta a practical roofing material choice:

Interacts with Heat Well

As its dense and compact, a terracotta roof acts as a layer of insulation. It wards off heat effectively, compared to other types of roofing material. You can easily save a lot on energy bills and make your home more comfortable no matter what the season is.

Resistant to Nature’s Harsh Elements

Terracotta can resist different elements that can destroy it. Just look at how China’s Terracotta Army has survived extreme conditions while it’s buried under the earth. Terracotta roofing can resist damages caused by winds, frost and animals.

Resistant to Fire

Since this type of roofing is non-combustible, it adds another layer of protection to your home. Any fire trigger coming from different sources, such as problematic power lines and ashes won’t set the roof on fire.

Easy to Maintain

Since this material isn’t easily damaged, your roof will be much easier to maintain. All you need to do is fix the broken tiles repoint, rebed and pressure clean withwater over areas where there is lichen, then anti-fungicde

These are only some of the benefits of using terracotta roofing. If you’re already using terracotta and you want to retain it, work with experts on exterior renovation. Contact us today and visit our other pages to learn more about our services.