Why Choose Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium is fast becoming one of the more popular choices among homeowners when it comes to doors and windows.

With so many alternatives to choose from, you might ask yourself why you would want to hop on the bandwagon and choose aluminium doors and windows over their counterparts. Here, we take a look at aluminium’s inherent benefits when used as framing for doors and windows:


Aluminium is a far less expensive option than wooden framed doors and windows. On top of initial costs, they are also easier to maintain, making them the cost-effective choice for homeowners who are on a tighter budget.


Aluminium is light, extremely malleable, and easy to work with yet very sturdy. They withstand adverse weather conditions better than wood. Compared to conventional door types, aluminium-framed doors are far less prone to warping.

Colour Choices

Aluminium can be powder coated or anodised, giving you more colour choices. This means you can easily customise it to fit in with your home’s colour scheme.

Energy Efficiency

One of aluminium doors and windows’ top selling points is that they are energy efficient. Because of their wind, water, and air-resistance, they make exceptionally energy efficient doors and windows. You get warmer homes with lower energy bills when you have them installed.

Fire Resistance

Safety is one of the top selling points of aluminium doors and windows. Unlike wooden counterparts that are highly flammable, aluminium-framed doors and windows are fire-resistant. This makes them a popular choice among many homeowners who have safety and fire prevention in mind.

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