Different Kinds of Terracotta Roof Tiles

Roofs always have to be in the best condition and made from premium materials. Terracotta is one of the top choices when it comes to durable roof tiles. This is made from clay fired in a furnace to make it more sturdy and compact. It delivers more benefits than just its innate physical proficiency.

Terracotta tiles are relatively fire-proof. These are ideal for houses with surrounding trees, power lines, and those closely situated with neighbouring houses. Moreover, this type of roofing can provide additional insulation to your house. It reflects the heat of the sun in summer and traps the warm air inside during winter, allowing you to reduce your expenses on air conditioning systems.

Compared to traditional wood and asphalt shingles and corrugated iron, terracotta tiles can last for 100’s of years; with proper care, it can last for over 1000 years. Maintaining this type of roof is not a difficult task, as well. It can withstand weather elements and deter damage from all other matters.

With these advantages, choosing terracotta tiles for your roof is highly recommended. They are available in different kinds, giving you the option to select what suits your property roofing needs.


This represents the usual appearance of the roof tile, having a square or rectangular shape with dimensions of 10.4” x 6.5“. Traditional Mediterranean houses commonly have this kind of terracotta tile. Other old British residences have similar shingles. It can be hand-made or factory-produced.


This is typically just a plain tile, although it has small holes for easier placement. The holes make it easier for roofers to fit it without disrupting other tiles. Peg tiles are practical to use in repair or replacement projects of a few shingles. If you’re going to renovate the whole roof, this kind of tile may not be suitable.


Ornamental tiles have a small detail on the bottom of each shingle. It has no functional contribution, though it makes the roof look more pleasing. These come in different forms, from pointed tips to bull nose tiles with semi-circle edges.


This terracotta tile is arched before being flamed in furnaces. It can either be a single or a double. Single tiles have one big arch, while double tiles have two smaller arches. This creates a wavelike appearance on the roof when viewed from below. Double-camber tiles are known to have better wavy looks than singles.

Choosing terracotta tiles as the material for your roofing is just the first step. At Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements, we offer complete terracotta tile roof restoration services. Contact us to see how we can transform your home.