Eradicating overgrown vegetation and other ideas to increase the value of your home!

To show off your Palliside house cladding and the overall exterior renovation you have performed on your house we suggest you go to the trouble of clearing the overgrown trees and shrubs that have got out of control over the years, since they were originally planted. The following before and after photos show what can be done to increase the kerb appeal of your most important asset.

Before palliside cladding After palliside cladding

With this exterior cladding renovation Peter Bracey had to remedy the major problems on the external areas of the house as there was a limited budget.

The concrete tile roof had a full restoration, all the broken tiles were replaced the roof cleaned, a sealer/filler coat that has been engineered for the roof condition applied with a further two coats of Spectra colour roof membrane. A product guaranteed for 12 years, the longest guarantee of any roofing membrane and designed and engineered for Australia’s harsh climate, it is not paving paint as used by the backyarders that peels off after a year. The finally we top point the ridges so it really does look like a new roof.Peter Bracey goes that extra yard to achieve perfection!

The gutters were original and were full of holes they were replaced with colour bond slotted quad gutter along with new cream colorbond downpipes to match the colour of the Palliside external wall cladding.

The old rotted timber windows that could not be opened were replaced with Bracey architrave cladding windows with security locks (key to like), fly screens and laminated security glass, which also insulates, and prevents any water condensation forming on the glass during winter.
The facias and eaves could not be fitted into the budget but will be renewed at a later date!