How Does Your Home Cladding Stand Up Against Australia’s Most Trusted Brand?

If your home isn’t made from brick, there’s a good chance it’s been protected by some sort of cladding. There are numerous different types of cladding, but they all fall short when compared to the Australian brand of Palliside cladding. It’s the home cladding that outperforms and outlasts every other variety. Compare your home cladding against Palliside to see if it holds up.

Timber Cladding

If your home has timber cladding, it’s very likely to already have some sort of rot or paint peeling away. Timber clad homes often face the constant need to sand, paint, and replace worn timber boards.

How does Palliside compare? It’s not going to rot or fade with time. The colour you choose will still be the colour on the house 2 decades from now, and there’s a 25-year warranty to back that up.

Fibre Cement Cladding

It’s an old and dated look on a house to have fibre cement sheeting. It doesn’t have the resistance to heat and to vermin like other claddings do. It’s just not as supported by testing in all areas of home cladding benchmarks.

Does Palliside perform better? In nearly every test, Palliside home cladding has the strength to protect against the heat of the day and common critters that attempt to get inside the home.

Colourbond Cladding

This is a classic look that feels modern because Colourbond cladding is a relatively recent development in home cladding. Without the proper insulation, it can heat up quickly in the summer sun. It also can have gaps and minute flaws in the seals against windows and doors.

Palliside comes out in front against this cladding. It’s got insulation not just for heat but sound as well. It’s designed to give and take with the summer sun so that no warping occurs over the length of the panel. It also keeps water out through its clever design.

Palliside home cladding is the superior choice for Australian homes. No matter what your current cladding is, your home isn’t as well protected as a home cladding done with Palliside. Call the team at here to find out more about your house can have this Australian-made master material.