The importance of flashing aluminium windows when cladding !

Peter Bracey finds after investigation of faulty work performed by so called “builders” and cladding companies. 99% of times, leaks to existing aluminium windows are a result of either no flashing or insufficient flashing around the windows and behind the cladding.

Home owners should always ask the cladding company or builder they are considering employing to renovate their home,how he is going to flash the windows to prevent future leaks. It is a very simple process. The flashing should be fixed to the four sides of the windows and then the cladding covers the flashing and is butted up to the windows.

When using Bracey architectural windows (as you can see from the photo below), no trim is required to finish off around the window. This is because Peter Bracey’s windows have an inbuilt 65 mm architrave which forms a J-channel behind the Palliside weatherboard cladding where the flashing is fitted. It is always advisable to run a bead of silicone along the top of the window where the cladding meets, this will ensure 100% waterproof windows.

Before After

Peter now finds that a large percentage of new jobs are stripping existing vinyl and aluminium cladded renovations and giving the house a complete make over(refer to the before and after photos on the website for examples).

During the record Sydney storms in April 2015 Peter did not have any reported window leaks or any service calls of any kind from his past 1000s of clients.

So all past and future clients can be assured of “perfection nothing less! “