Is Vinyl Cladding Worth Installing?

Most homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to protect their investment. Nobody wants their home to fall apart or become damaged prematurely, which is why there are certain things a homeowner can do in order to maintain and increase the lifespan of their home exterior. One of the best things that can be done to a home is to add exterior cladding.

Cladding is the term for a protective layer that gets added to the exterior of someone’s home to further protect it from the elements. However, not all types of cladding are the same. Vinyl cladding used to be one of the most popular wall cladding materials, but Palliside has become a better option over the recent years. Palliside weatherboards look great when they are installed on someone’s home; they can provide the natural wood look that so many people love, but without the negative aspects of having real wooden cladding.

Why is Palliside Cladding Better than Vinyl Cladding?

People often ask us why Palliside weatherboards are so much better than vinyl cladding, and there are several reasons to explain this. First of all, vinyl can actually be damaged by the sun and result in a warping appearance that doesn’t look good on anyone’s home. This warping is going to also jeopardise the insulation efficiency of a home. Palliside will not warp under the same conditions as vinyl, and it lasts even longer in harsher weather conditions.

One of the main benefits of Palliside weatherboards is that it can be used as a primary construction material. Vinyl cladding is only to be used for decorative purposes and won’t provide any true support for a home. Palliside will be able to last for twenty five years or more without showing any signs of weathering, unlike vinyl.

Palliside is also a type of house cladding that will not powder, prevents UV rays from penetrating, provides exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, and is also suitable for areas that are prone to bushfires. It is also easy to install and can be completed quickly, meaning the construction of the lower roof can begin faster than normal on a new home project. They also cost about the same as what a homeowner would pay for painted timber external cladding. All of these benefits in addition to being a primary construction material make Palliside the prime choice of cladding today.