Protecting Your Palliside Wall Cladding

Your Palliside wall cladding system doesn’t only increase your home’s kerb appeal. It provides your home with protection from different external harsh elements. With it’s superior UV Resistant coating only minimal cleaning is required. Here are some quick cleaning tips:

Cleaning the Siding

Sidings are susceptible to dirt, grime and mildew. Apart from the surface, they accumulate on the underside of the siding. The easiest thing to do is scrub and wash the siding regularly. You may use a vinegar solution when cleaning small and stubborn stains.

If things are quite serious, combine about one-third cup of powdered detergent, small amount of bleach and one gallon of water. Be careful when using other cleaning chemicals, especially if you’re cleaning the areas of the siding close to other house parts, such as doors and windows; some of them are harsh and may damage wood.

Cleaning the Surrounding Areas

Apart from the sidings, you need to clean the surrounding areas where dirt, grime and mould may come from. If you have trees and tall plants around, you should collect fallen and dry leaves regularly, as they help build up moisture. Clean the gutters regularly, especially during fall and winter.

Repairing Vinyl Siding

You can perform minor repairs on Vinyl sidings yourself. If there are holes in your Vinyl siding, apply a generous amount of caulking into them. Allow them to dry, and use a scraper to cut away the excess and visible caulking. If you’re dealing with larger cracks, holes and colour mismatch, it’s best to call professionals.

Palliside cladding on the other hand require minimal maintenance, as opposed to Vinyl siding which can be far more easily damaged. At Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements, we recommend only Palliside cladding, which is a far superior low maintenance product and the best choice for cladding your home. Palliside weatherboards provide a unique exterior finish. Apart from their aesthetic benefits, they also low maintenance, with their unique UV protection coating.

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