Is My Cladding Reliable?

The times are changing and so is the weather. It was recently announced in the news that 2015 was the hottest 12 months on record around the world. There are floods, wild storms and scorching heat spells. Is your home’s exterior cladding prepared for it?

Cladding, or “siding” as it is called, was first introduced into the US and Canadian markets a few decades ago, but the products they use don’t stand up well to this climate. It’s a common joke that everything in Australia is trying to kill you, and the weather is no different. The heat, the rain, the wind, and the hail are all culprits for causing major damage to Australian homes each year. The best way to protect a home is to ensure the outside is properly clad in a product that’s designed for this weather.

Your home’s outside walls face heat which can cause warps in the panels, water which can bring about rot, and wind which can tear the cladding from the wall. Get the right stuff and protect your home with a Palliside which combats those common causes of cladding damage.

Each panel of Palliside exterior cladding is 7mm thick and designed by Australians and for Australians. It can expand and contract with the heat, protect against water permeating the panel and resist the wind with its thick 7mm panel profile. There isn’t a product on the market quite like it. Your home won’t be the same without it and neither will your peace of mind.

Your outside cladding is the first line of defence against the harsh elements conspiring to damage your home and lower the value of your biggest asset. You simply can’t afford not to have the best cladding that Australians can get. Contact the Peter Bracey team for more information on cladding that suits your lifestyle.