New Year, New Cladding

New Year’s Resolutions are typically forgotten a week after the New Year. Instead of setting hard to attain renovation dreams, set smaller achievable targets that have the end goal in focus. Think long term and small, more manageable projects.

A glance at wall cladding

Homebuyers are unaware of the impact of exterior cladding until it comes time to replace the home exterior. With the harsh weather conditions year round, it’s important to make sure your home exterior has the highest quality cladding possible. For example, vinyl cladding is an inexpensive option sand used to be the go to alternative. Today we have Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding, a higher quality product where you will never have to pay for warped cladding repair ever again. Not only is Palliside cladding warp resistant, but it features plenty of aesthetic benefits, too. These include:

  • Diversity in colours, allowing one to customise their home exterior or select an option that matches the style of their home
  • Extremely low maintenance and eco-friendly finish
  • Colour retention cladding, which fights against discolouration

Durability and sustainability

There is more to exterior cladding than its visual appear, the true value lies beneath its appearance. Palliside cladding is typically tested to fight against 200 MPH winds before being placed on the shelves for purchasing. Many brands put the Palliside materials through durability testing. This includes long periods of time in high speeds, testing its ability to sustain harsh weather conditions.

Because Palliside cladding is so highly praised, it typically comes with a 25 year warranty. It is energy efficient because it possesses the ability to insulate the home and reduce heat from passing through the thermal barrier.

Extreme heat and cladding

Bushfires are not uncommon in Australia and it’s important to prepare your home for heat this extreme. While one may not come into direct contact with fire, one may become familiar with a warped exterior if you choose not to purchase high quality wall cladding, especially since Palliside comes with a nil fire ignition rate.

 In conclusion

A home maintained home is a home that one can easily build upon. This New Year’s think about restoring & maintaining your home at rate that workable and manageable.  A happy home creates a happy owner.