Let Palliside Cladding Protect Your Home From Wind and Hail

Australian weather patterns presents a challenge to home owners in protecting and maintaining the exterior of their houses. The temperature extremes put stress on the exterior walls of our homes, causing most siding options to wear and tear and break down with the seasons. Unlike timber cladding, which will peel, splinter, and requires consistent yearly care, Palliside home cladding is tough, durable, and protects your home from any weather.

Palliside cladding is specifically designed for Australian weather—being equally prepared for the biting cold and extreme heat makes it a top pick in the choice of cladding materials. With a thickness of 7mm, palisade is prepped for the wind and hail in the winter months and the unpredictable storms we often endure.

Protecting Your Home is Easy

Palliside is over five times thicker than traditional vinyl cladding, the reason why it comes out on top in regards to protection capabilities. The thicker siding is designed to lock in to the piece above and below it, to ensure that wind and moisture can’t penetrate the boundary. It’s extremely durable compared to other siding options, and the cellular foam construction ensures that typical weather patterns won’t split or damage the cladding.

Palliside cladding is also designed with a durable inner core, which protects each interlocking piece from buckling and warping, as well as preventing extreme damage from hail—the pieces simply can’t break through.

There are a wide variety of choices available to you as a home owner, and I want to help you every step of the way. Keep in mind that Palliside cladding is the most cost-effective, durable, and innovative siding available in Australia today. Designed to protect home owners from typical Australian weather, this cladding option is low maintenance and safe. When you decide to upgrade your home siding, contact Peter Bracey and Palliside Cladding Renovations in Sydney to schedule a consultation and discuss what Palliside options are right for you.