Northern Beaches Sydney New home cladding

Full cladding renovation sydney

Full cladding renovation sydney

As I have mentioned before on this site, Palliside is an Australian made and designed type A cladding, designed for new construction and recladding.
A breathable sarking was applied to the timber stud frame and then the Palliside weatherboards were fitted.

I also insulated the roof and fixed a colorbond roof .Because the home has a second storey I also installed ventilators on the roof to eliminate heat build up in the ceiling cavity.The gutters, facia, and downpipes in colorbond to match the roof were fitted.

The eaves and all the verandah ceilings were fitted with Icon eave sheeting which gives the appearance of a v -jointed weatherboard, which does not ever need to be painted.
Bracey cladding windows were fitted.
Palliside has a 25 year guarantee.
It will not fade, powder,warp or burn.

This Northern Beaches Sydney home requires no maintenance apart from hosing to clean surface dust.
I did some calculations with the owner prior to commencement and we calculated that the savings on maintenance were as follows:

  • Scaffolding / erection and weekly hire – $12500.00
  • Painting / labour / preparation and materials-$21000.00
  • Even calculated at todays prices the saving on painting every 7 years would be $33500.00 per paint job!

My clients have a beautiful Hamptons style beach cottage on the Northern Beaches Sydney that is completely maintenance free so!