Mount Druitt Sydney Cladding Renovation

Because I am a fully licensed and insured builder the majority of my work is not only cladding, but a complete home make over.

Mount Druitt cladding renovation

Mount Druitt cladding renovation

The following home was a typical fibro housing commission home.
So I started with the concrete tiled roof! Replaced any broken tiles, cleaned the roof, applied a sealer filler coating, then 2 applications of Nu-Tech 2000 roof membrane and finally we top pointed the ridges, by pointing after the roof has been coated it doesn’t look like it is a painted roof you get the appearance of a new tile roof. Note we do not use paving paint but a roof membrane! This roof will look new for another 30-40 years.

Next we installed colorbond gutter over new colorbond facia cover, the gutter we use has a slotted front so that when we have really heavy rain the excess water will run out through the slots in the front and not back into the eaves which causes mildew and dry rot problems.
The eaves were clad in Icon eave sheet. New aluminium windows were installed with fly screens and security locks and new reveals and architraves inside the home, all the windows were tailor made to fit exactly, so all the blinds and curtains fitted!

And lastly Australian made and engineered Palliside UPVC weatherboard cladding was installed over the old fibro.

It is the attention to detail that makes the renovation complete!
The Mount Druitt Sydney Cladding Renovation home is now maintenance free and it only has to be hosed down to remove any dirt and grime.