Palliside Cladding vs. Vinyl Cladding: A True Difference

For over 45 years, Peter Bracey has been honing his expertise in exterior cladding, protecting homes with superior craftsmanship and service. For someone with that level of experience, only the very finest materials will do. That’s why Paliside cladding is Peter’s material of choice for re-cladding the homes of New South Wales. But what makes Palliside cladding a better choice than popular materials like vinyl?

Three qualities separate Palliside cladding from vinyl cladding: durability, style and maintenance.

Durable: Made To Last

Insulated Palliside UPVC weatherboards are thick and durable–in fact, at 7mm, they’re 7 times thicker than the thickest of common vinyl padding! That thickness is there for a reason, too: Palliside cladding is made right here in Australia, and is perfectly suited for its most extreme weather. This cladding won’t warp in the sun, will stand up to hail, and is bush fire rated so you can count on it to not burn.

Stylish: Looks That Endure

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to paint again? With Palliside cladding, you won’t have to! Palliside cladding comes in many attractive colors and styles, making it easy to find something that fits your home’s specific external style. Unlike most vinyl cladding, it’s also UV-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about discoloring or colors fading in the future. And with the long-lasting nature of Palliside cladding, your home will look like new for years to come. All you’ll need to do is keep it clean and well-maintained.

Maintenance: Hassle-Free

Vinyl cladding is more durable than some other kinds of cladding, but its thin construction means it’s prone to heavy wear and tear in extreme weather conditions like the ones here in Australia. Even foam-backed vinyl cladding won’t hold up in storms, meaning you’ll have to put in a lot of work if you’d like it to look and perform its best. With Palliside cladding, however, you can enjoy a beautiful house free of rot, rain damage, fire damage, and everything else nature can throw at it. All you have to do clean it semi-regularly!

Easy to maintain, beautiful year-round, and built to last a lifetime. Palliside cladding is the perfect decorative cladding for the busy homeowner. If you’d like to find out how you can protect your home with the superior choice for exterior cladding, contact Peter Bracey today!