Peter Bracey: The Experience You Need

You don’t keep a company’s doors open for 45 years with poor work and bad materials. It’s a commitment to excellence that has made Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements the enduring success story that it is today. Specialising in exterior cladding and using only the finest Palliside cladding, Peter Bracey has built a business based on experience and quality–and you’ll see that experience and quality in every job done.

Experience That Matters

It’s one thing to aspire to be a specialist in something. It’s something else entirely to spend decades honing that craft until you can truly be called an expert. With over 45 years of real experience in external cladding services, Peter Bracey has a wealth of knowledge in exterior cladding in the New South Wales area. His Years of work give him valuable skills, and his knowledge of the local weather trends means he’s prepared to protect your house from the real weather threats.

The Best In Materials

Your house is where you and your family come to rest at the end of a long day. It’s where you go to take shelter from the elements. It’s where you sleep at night. When the time comes to protect your house, a cheap material just won’t do. Peter Bracey knows this, and that’s why he uses top quality Palliside exterior cladding. Palliside products are made right here in Australia, specifically for Australian weather conditions. They’re built to be strong and durable, ready for the most extreme weather New South Wales can throw at it. Even through that weather, Palliside exterior cladding is sure to remain beautiful year after year. And all of this at the best prices possible!

Peace of Mind

With Peter Bracey, you know you’re working with a true professional–and he’ll prove it to you before the job even begins. Right from the start you’ll get a list of the last 200 exterior cladding renovation jobs he’s done, giving you solid proof that you’ve got the right man for the job. And the peace of mind doesn’t end there. You’ll also get a 7-year labour guarantee and a 25-year warranty on the materials used. Once the job’s been done, you’ll be in great company: In the past 45 years, over 5,000 clients have been served, and each has been happy with the job done!

What makes Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements successful is the commitment to excellence that shines through in every job. Want to see that excellence in action? Call or email Peter Bracey today!