Palliside Cladding vs Weatherboards: A Comparison

You wouldn’t consciously choose to have your kitchen decorated in a dated orange theme with 40-year-old appliances! There are much better options and more modern approaches. So why is it that Australian homes continue to have timber weatherboard as their cladding of choice? It’s an old and outdated method of protecting your home that was first used over a century ago.

The modern era has come with Palliside exterior cladding. It’s the first Australian-created cladding built for this rough climate. How does it compare against the timber weatherboard? Here are just a few of its features.

  • No more painting. Weatherboard is prone to chipping and peeling paint. It makes the house look old and tired. Palliside wall cladding never loses its colour or fades in the sun.
  • No Fire Risk. The trouble with weatherboard is that it no longer meets the stringent fire hazard ratings Australia now has in place. Palliside cladding has a nil fire rating and no chance of igniting.
  • Modern guarantee. Palliside cladding is an Australian product that comes with a fair dinkum 25 year warranty.

Beyond this, there are vermin and rot protection, water-tight seals, hail protection and the only Australian cladding suitable to be installed in areas prone to tropical cyclones. Palliside keeps the house looking brand new and sturdy. Timber weatherboards make a house look dated and worn down.

The installation of new Palliside cladding is an easy swap. If you contact the team over at Peter Bracey, they can give you more information on the installation process, the schedule, the costs, and the benefits your house will receive. It’s about time your home was up-to-date on the latest in cladding protection. Find out how our cladding works to your advantage.